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Digitization in HR Management

According to a recent XING survey, almost one in five HR professionals believes that artificial intelligence will be able to carry out the entire application process up to the decision stage in the future. It is already clear that the advancing digitalisation opens a wide range of possibilities for the HR sector to fulfil tasks more efficiently and more fact-focused.


Best practice is no longer enough: Offering standardized, proven, and coordinated packages has become the norm: Whether packages from Pentos, such as “LaunchNow!” or the SAP “Model Company”. The “Intelligent Enterprise” concept promises additional value add, on top of “Best Practice”. For HR, this means to capture all business processes that can benefit from HR processes and to integrate them “end to end”, whenever possible.

Treasure Map Talent Management

More efficiency in recruiting, reliable identification of candidates, individual employee development – digital Talent Management opens up new opportunities for companies. Especially in times of increasing shortage of skilled workers, this potential should be exploited. But how does the transformation to agile structures and integrated processes succeed?

Whitepaper Digitalization

Digitalization is the biggest driver of innovation.  According to the 2018 Innovation Ranking however, German companies are no longer among the leaders in this area. In fact, only two out of five HR managers in Germany believe that their companies are digitally mature, and three out of four companies complain about a lack of managerial know-how according to the German Industry 4.0 Index.  Thankfully, digitalization offers enormous potential for economic success and growth, however employees still lack the qualification and leadership needed for a successful digital transformation.

Pentos Sponsors SAP’s SuccessConnect® 2018 Event in Berlin

SuccessConnect in Berlin will bring together executives and leaders in HR, IT and other lines of business to explore successful HR strategies in the digital economy. Hot topics will include using purpose to drive people and performance; attracting, developing and retaining the best people; tapping into peoples’ full potential; and innovating to thrive in the digital workplace.

Pentos opens new location in innovation hub DUBAI INTERNET CITY

Now Pentos is even closer to its customers with its expansion into the Arab region. Pentos already has a renowned customer base from a wide variety of industries in this region. These clients will receive an even better service thanks to the local factor. Customers can look forward to a strong, innovative local Pentos team that provides direct support in Governance, Risk and Compliance with IBM® OpenPages® and Human Capital Management with SAP® SuccessFactors®.

If you are HR, be a star!

Today’s working environments are rapidly changing. While Human Resources underwent rather minor technology induced changes after the introduction of the electronic payroll engines, the amount of potential change is now overwhelming.

Transformation: Do or be done with?

Digitalization leads to a lot of changes, on a similar scale, but arguable much quicker, than when "electrification" was the big buzzword or the "internet" disrupted many businesses.
Neue Niederlassung der Pentos AG in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf Office

On 1st June 2017, Pentos will be opening a new branch office at number 106 Königsallee in Düsseldorf. It will be managed by Dr Melanie Rehkopf.
Artificial Intelligence & Learning Machines

Shared Service Centre in HR – Time for Rescoping?

Shared Service Centres were and are a great instrument to enable streamlining and harmonizing of processes. They reduce cost through standardizations and shifting work to near- or offshore centres with lower labor costs than in a typical “headquarter”. Major consulting companies specialize in re-engineering companies’ processes and performing the related “transformations”.
Prozessimplementierung made by PENTOS

Eine saubere Sache – Prozessimplementierung mit Anwendungsfällen

Kennen Sie das aus Ihrem Projekt? Sie formulieren Ihre Anforderungen für einen Prozess, stellen dann aber fest, dass die Umsetzung im Endsystem nicht funktioniert wie gewünscht? Es gibt ein Mittel dagegen!

Job Profiles, the new Master of the Talent Universe

Many companies find themselves confronted with an extensive amount of complexity in core Talent Management processes.
Temple, Templates and Digitalization

Temple, Templates and Digitalization

Travelling sometimes opens eyes for new perspectives. Last week I visited a country with a “temple mount” in the middle. Hotly contested by several powers and religions, the mount is in the centre of the country, in a holy city. There is only one temple on top of the mount, thus the other contenders, that had a temple of their own that was destroyed and would like to build a new one on top of the mount, face a huge obstacle.

Pentos recommended reading

»Bringen Sie Ihre Personalprozesse sicher in die Cloud!« – A book out of practice for practice. Dr. Nikolaus Krasser, CEO and co-founder of Pentos AG, has been involved as a project manager and systems architect in the development of HR IT systems since 2002. Melanie Rehkopf is working as an IT-Manager for local and international HR-Projects since 2007.

3 SAP partners on the benefits of partnership

Nikolaus Krasser on the partnership with SAP.

Transparent personnel structures from the cloud

Cloud Computing has finally arrived in middle and smaller companies. Doubts about the safety of corporate and personal data have been pushed into the background. Reputable providers deliver high standards in data security and access protection.