From the Expert Community Meeting 
to a new highlight: The Pentos Summit 2023

Dear readers,

We are still thrilled by the energy and enthusiasm that was truly palpable during our two-day customer event in Frankfurt. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their great participation and commitment throughout the event. 🌟 The collaboration and exchange of ideas in the interactive sessions were simply impressive. A truly inspiring experience! 💪

Special thanks to our outstanding keynote speakers Jens Ropers from CA controller akademie and Timo Tischer from TI People. It is safe to say that their inspiring contributions left lasting impressions. 💡

We would also like to make special mention of our customer speakers Frank Indorf and Felix Düßdorf from HDI Group DE, Volker Krahe from Lorenz Snack-World and Jessica Gurschke from REWE Group. Their expertise and insights provided all attendees with valuable insights and new food for thought. 👏

The evening event provided a fantastic opportunity for extensive networking, where we had the chance to get to know our customers on an even more personal level. 😊 We really enjoyed it!

A big thank you also goes to our dedicated colleagues, whose commitment, flexibility and professionalism contributed significantly to the success of this event. Special thanks go to our customers, whose valuable contributions and constructive feedback made this event possible in the first place. 🙏

The ideas and impulses from our discussions and interactions will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our business strategies. Stay tuned for what’s to come next year and hopefully you will all be joining us at our next event again – thank you very much!